Brands Must Commit to Sustainability to Survive. Here’s Why.

You’ve done countless hours of research, poured your heart into product testing and development. Everything is going according to plan. You launch. And wait. Your sales aren’t where you want them to be. And somehow, your competitor is moving ahead, even though you know your products are even better. So, what gives? Your product sales (or a lack of) may have nothing to do with the quality of what you produce. It might have everything to do with your branding. Specifically regarding sustainabili

5 Powerful Ways to Leverage LinkedIn as a Freelance Writer

You’ve decided to pursue a new freelance writing career. You set up your online portfolio. Updated your resume and, of course, created a blog. You’re doing everything right. But there’s one important thing freelance writers often forget: Harnessing the power of LinkedIn. Maybe you thought, “I don’t need LinkedIn. It’s for high powered business executives to talk about profits.” According to HootSuite, LinkedIn has over 722 million users and people get hired there every 3 minutes. Signing up i
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What Are the Top Freelancing Tips for Beginners?

You’ve been thinking about freelancing for a while. The luxury of working from your couch. Not having to navigate the rattlesnake of New York City traffic. On a schedule that works for you. Because you’re not a morning person. At all. But where do you even get started and what freelancing tips do you need to know? You know you’re good at what you do, but you don’t know the first thing about freelancing. And, in this economy, is it even the right time? A few months ago, I was like you. Peopl

Recent Grad? Do these 5 Things to Get to the C-Suite (Before Your Peers)

You did it! 4 years of crunching through exams, research projects, and student conferences. It’s all led to now. Now you’re on your own. With your first office job. Congratulations! But you’re ambitious. Always the straight-A student. Captain of your college debate team. You know this entry level job is a small chapter in your story. Because you know what you’re capable of, and you’ve got potential. You’re already eyeing the C-Suite. But how do you get there when most of your day currently con

How to Manage Anxiety During a Pandemic

The last seven months have felt more like seven years. And along with coronavirus, there’s another serious pandemic emerging. Anxiety. If you’ve been plagued with the feeling of overwhelm, fear, and uneasiness these last few months, you’re not alone. The Washington Post reports calls to an emotional distress hotline are up a whopping 1,000%. And it’s certainly understandable. News reports constantly update the death toll to a deadly virus 24/7. Too many people are losing jobs or even their loved ones. And sometimes feeling anxious can make us even more anxious in a vicious cycle. What can you do? Well, first, give yourself some grace. You’re living in uncharted territory, with no shortage of anxiety triggers.

Use These 5 Video Conference Features to Improve Engagement

Video conferencing is an inescapable part of our work lives now. Without a doubt, it’s the oil that keeps the remote work engine running. But it can also be a strain for both the participants and hosts. Sometimes you or your team members have back to back meetings. And that gets to be exhausting, contributing to lower participation and engagement. However, there are certain features you can take advantage of to liven up your next meeting. Here’s how: A plain white wall is as exciting as read

Working Remotely? You're in Danger of Being Double Taxed

With no end in sight for the pandemic, remote work is on the rise. According to Upwork’s “Future Workforce Report”, by 2028, 73% of employees could be working remotely. We’ve been inundated with articles singing the praises of the work from home life. From skipping a hectic commute to increases in employee satisfaction, remote work seems to be here to stay. And on the surface, the idea of working for New York based company without paying for a Manhattan studio does have its appeal. But before you accept that new remote job, here’s something to consider: You could be double taxed.

6 Virtual Networking Tips For 2020

With the pandemic, 2020 has been completely turned upside down. Traditional networking events in packed arenas are indefinitely cancelled, and grabbing coffee with someone is unusually risky. But that doesn’t mean you can’t network. Whether you’re looking for a new job or simply seeking to expand your network, you can do so from the safety of your couch. In these unprecedented times, now is the perfect time to dive into virtual networking and embrace its full potential. Here are a few ways you

How Can I Hone My Skills Quickly as a Writer?

You punch out for the last time, smiling smugly because you’ve decided on a new freelancing career. Congrats! Your writing pitches are met with silence. And you start worrying your freelance career is flatlining before it’s even started. You need to hone your skills as a writer if you want to start freelancing online. But you don’t have the money or time for a fancy course. First, give yourself some grace. Because you can be a magnificent writer and still have “meh” copy. You read that right...

Do This To Jumpstart Your Writing Career

You love to write. You catch yourself daydreaming throughout the day of packing it all in and writing from a café in San Francisco with a clear view of the golden gate bridge. Just as you start to surrender to this daydream, you are jerked back into reality by your boss. Who wants to you to start a zoom meeting. Even though you just had a zoom meeting an hour ago. And when will you (finally) send the minutes of that meeting? In a pdf. If you want to write for a living, you have to move beyond daydreaming. You have to take action. Otherwise, dreams stay just that. Dreams. I’m not advocating for you to do anything drastic, or even quit your job. I’m going to tell you the simple step I took to start my writing career.

When Choosing A Topic For Your Content, Keep This In Mind

It’s one of the most common content writing mistakes. A few weeks ago, I was editing a social media pitch for a friend. While trying to trim it down (read about why you need to shorten your content here), I noticed a problem. They wanted to create a pitch for prospective employers. But reading halfway down, it started to veer into a few paragraphs singing the praises of remote work. And she’s not alone in this. This is a common content mistake. You start writing about one topic, but suddenly venture into a side tangent, or maybe even a rant.

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